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Awards, Certificates, and Trophies...oh my! 

How do you define achievement? How do you know if your child is achieving? Let's discuss and change our mindset, language, and behaviors from fixed mindset to growth mindset when supporting our children.

Teaching Resilience, Earning Grit

Understand why resilience is missing amongst our young people today, and how we can teach it so they earn their grit (and why that's important).

Celebrating the Beauty of Life's Twists and Turns

Eliminate concepts like mistakes and failures, and celebrate the lessons and gratitude that these experiences lead us to.

Why "Leaning In" Before "Letting Go" Means Everything

Yes, parents will eventually have to let go of their child, but before we do, learn why leaning in more closely than ever before during the teen years is critical when it comes to their future success and happiness.

A Family's Core Values in a College-Bound Culture

Learn about 8 core values that families must protect if we want our children to have meaningful lives after high school.

Navigate College Admissions Without Sacrificing Worth

With dignity and integrity, families and educators can support teens and college students that elevates worth, confidence, and ultimately innovation.

Protecting Teen Worth in a College-Bound Culture

How today's current mindset of needing to attend college to define success undermines and destroys teen worth, and what we can do about it.

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